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The 365-Pack - Smediums Crew Tee

The 365-Pack - Smediums Crew Tee

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One Smediums crew for each freakin' day of the year. You'll get roughly 45 of each of the original eight Smediums' colors, but that's not even the best part. The best part is this 365-pack is hand delivered by the Smediums' founders*. 

A ton of great shirts. A couple of ok founders. What else could you want? 

*Anywhere in the continental U.S.

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Here are a few more details.


I mean, where do we start? A year's worth of tees AND they're hand delivered by the Smediums' founders? Yeah, we can't really think of any highlights either.


You're getting over 98 pounds of shirts!

What's it made of?

60% combed ring-spun cotton, 40% polyester jersey.

(60% + 40%) x 365... that's gotta be like 3,650% more shirt!

Return Policy

You have to return this 365-pack the same way you got it. Drive to our house and drop them off. So if you really want to go through all that trouble, by all means...

More great words from our completely not made up customers.

  • "I have one of these!"

  • "Here's a riddle for you. How many holes does a shirt have?"

  • "You're not gonna publish this are you?"